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Camden Park

5000 Waverly Road

Our park is primarily a family park with many small children as guests. Therefore Camden Park has strict dress and conduct policies that we enforce for the safety and enjoyment of our guests. We reserve the right to refuse admission or eject, without refund, anyone who does not follow park policy.

Admission includes the use of amusement rides. Some attractions additional. Due to maintenance or to other circumstances certain rides and attractions may not be open to the public. There are no refunds or rain checks.


Indiana Jones

Saturday, March 31, 2018
I love amusement parks and while I have fun at this one, it's very small and very run down. The rattler is amazing, but other than that you can never count on the rides being open cause they could be under repair. The big Dipper (roller coaster) is made of barn wood which is over 50 years old. Loose boards and rickety tracks make me feel this ride is unsafe. Lot of good memories here tho and a fun time.

Nichole Moore

Friday, June 8, 2018
I wanted to be able to give Camden Park a good review, but bad business practices keep me from being able to offer more than three stars. I visited the park with two adult daughters and my three year old granddaughter. Although the rides are old, I find them nostalgic and had a mostly enjoyable experience while riding. The major problems were an unfriendly staff, rides closing twenty minutes prior to closing, and poor management. I was dismissed by a manager when I confronted him about closed rides and bathroom lights that were off ten minutes before the park closed. We attended on an evening when the park was scheduled to close at 7:30. All rides we closed a employees were walking out the gate at that time. The park should say it is closing at 7:10 if that is the intention.

Teresa Holt

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
This precious, nostalgic place is our most favorite amusement park!! It's old, but well maintained as it can be for it's age & very navigational for young kids & families. If you're looking for the "fanciness" of bigger parks (ie: Kings Island, Cedar Point etc) go somewhere else. You can ride to your hearts content here!! No long lines & small park that won't wear you out. It had a darling, nostalogic haunted house too. The only one of it's kind left in the United States. Nice air conditioned restaurant to cool off in during the summer! Several brand new awesome rides + many old favorites & yummy "fair food" to fill you up. Buy tickets online & get in for just $16.99 each. Give it a try!

Derek Blanton

Thursday, June 7, 2018
Not a good experience when we went with our daughter for a preschool field trip. We got there at 9 am and couldn't even enter until 9:30. Rides didn't start until after 10. Half of the food vendors weren't open at all. Attitudes of staff was not very good. Headache after headache all day. Our little girl had fun though.

Jd Beckner

Saturday, May 26, 2018
Had a blast! Fun place to take children, plus was close to home. Some of the old attractions seemed to be missing, like the bumper cars and the thunder bolt.

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