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Gerry Bateman first came to the New River Gorge in 1987 to go whitewater rafting.  After the rafting trip he wanted to go horseback riding. Little did he know at the time that he was destined to be the first paying guest of the first outfitter into the New River Gorge on an overnight trip. After that first trip Gerry fell in love with the New River Gorge and horseback outfitting .Now after 25 years of professional horseback outfitting, Gerry Bateman and Equestrian Adventures have become the best that West Virginia and the Eastern United States has to offer in the horseback  industry .Over the 25 years Gerryhas developed special training techniques that make his horses some of the safest and most gentle that you will ever meet .Because of this we can take children as young as 6 years old on their first horseback ride into the wilderness of West Virginia. Gerry personally hand picks his guides for their people skills and teaches them his special way of working with their guests and with the horses .All of the guides at Equestrian Adventures are certified in first aid and CPR. Gerry is a National Ski Patrol member. Gerry is an instructor of the ski patrol advanced emergency medical program called Outdoor Emergency Care. Gerry also teaches the same medical skills to many of the professional river guides in West Virginia. Gerry is an instructor of the ski patrol Wilderness Search and Rescue and also an instructor for emergency toboggan handling. Gerry is an instructor of CPR and basic first aid for the American Red Cross and also the American Heart Association.  Many Boy Scouts of America have received their horsemanship merit badges under Gerry’s tutorage. So for the safest and best horseback experience in West Virginia and the Eastern United States , come ride with Gerry and his staff at Equestrian Adventures.


Tonya Coleman

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017
Enjoyable experience! Me, Husband and 10 year old daughter went on a Monday afternoon and our guide was Dustin, AKA Team Bubbles. Very nice guide who was personable and guided us throughout the ride. The trail was up in the mountains with some major (to me,lol) inclines and you had to go back down one also, but the horses knew what they were doing. Horses were healthy and good natured! They were able to accommodate us with a time same day and at the end we got to met the owner who was a very nice. Only thing I would offer as constructive criticism would be clearly mark areas for parking and checking in. Even though we were not sure where to go they came out to meet us before we got too far. All in all we will definitely go back and do recommend! Go TEAM BUBBLES!

Jennifer Saulman

Monday, July 17, 2017
Horseback riding was awesome. The guides were so much fun to be around. They made sure everyone was safe and had a good time. I have a 12 year old and she had a blast, an 18 year old who has never been on a horse and a husband who has never been on one either and they came through like champs. We all had a great time. Got our money's worth. Our 2 1/2 hour ride turned into an almost 4 hour ride through steep and muddy terrain through the mountains and we were kinda sore but it was worth it. We were all walking a little bow legged afterwards too. Will definitely go again.

Sabrina Swann

Friday, Sep. 8, 2017
Went on a sunset ride the last night of our 5 year anniversary trip. I have been riding many times, but for my husband it was a first. Our guide, Bubbles, he was awesome! Very personanable and informative. The trails are great, not all flat and boring, with beautiful greenery. The horses are well trained, but like all horses, animals are subject to mood swings. If you can't understand that then you should never ride. With that said, my husband, with no experience had a great and safe time. He listened to what he was told to do before the ride and it was a success! If we ever make it back to town, we will book again! Go Team Bubbles!

Jamie Barber

Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017
This place was great. The guides were kind, funny and very supportive!! My husband had never been on a horse before and he had the time of his life!! We took the sunset ride and WOW, was it beautiful!! I highly recommend for all ages!!

Reid Smith

Monday, Aug. 21, 2017
My teenage daughter was thrown from a horse. That's not the worst part since accidents happen. It is how they reacted. The only guide was so far ahead we had to call her back. She went immediately to the horse. My daughter was an afterthought even though she was bleeding from her arm and bruised her kidney and back. The guide had no first aid knowledge nor was there anyone at the stables to help. The only option was to have her get back up on the horse that threw her, which would sporadically take off in a canter. When we returned from our ride still no one at the facility and everything was locked up. Therefore we could even rinse out the gash in her arm or get ice for her back. #neverequineadventureswv

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