Good Zoo and Benedum Theater

465 Lodge Drive

About us:

The Good Zoo at Oglebay Resort & Conference Center has been a crown jewel of the Ohio Valley for over 30 years. We are pleased to support its mission through the first ever Good Zoo Brew.

Over 50 species of animals many rare or endangered, reside within the 30-acre Good Zoo.The zoo was dedicated in memory of seven-year old Philip Mayer Good in 1977 and continues to thrive through the support of local residents. Our mission is to educate our visitors regarding natural and physical sciences and to promote conservation.

Newer exhibits include the Outback Exhibit and Lorikeet Landing. Other features include African wild dogs, meerkats, spectacled bears, lemurs, ocelot, red pandas, otters and the Wonders of the Wetlands area where visitors can observe a crane, bald eagles and various other plants and animals that call these fragile areas home. The historic C.P. Huntington Train Ride takes visitors on a one and a half mile journey through the zoo. The red barn is filled with friendly domestic animals such as llamas, pigs, goats and donkeys.

The zoo offers a variety of camps and programs for children of all ages as well as outreach programs with area schools and groups. There are also programs for adults including the West Virginia Master Naturalist program.


William Mikels

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Was a great trip. I have been there many times. I am going again in few weeks. I love the animals and all the information you can learn about the them. The staff is very polite. The bird sanctuary was an amazing experience. I had three or four just land on me and sit there. One in particular found my hair and my ears very fun to lightly pull on. It was great trip it may be small zoo but I'm thankful it's here for my kids and others to visit.

Bonnie Bumgardner

Monday, Oct. 30, 2017

Visited the zoo specifically for the Boo at the Zoo event. I attended the event when I was a small child growing up and wanted to pass the tradition to my daughter in hopes of making favorable memories for her too. The zoo was clean and the employees were friendly and nice. But I was disappointed in the "haunted train ride". I remember he ride being so "scary" with decorations and people in costumes jumping out from behind shrubbery. It was very dull and the decor was lackluster, having only a few hay bales tastefully decorated... they did offer a lazer light show at the end, which I do not remember as a child, but we didn't have time to attend... I will attend the zoo in the future and also be giving boo at the zoo another shot. Maby they were just short handed this year and lacked the manpower to decorate. It's one of the only annual events this time of year, geared towards small children, that I am aware of.

Mark Daugherty

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017

Big disappointment in 2017. Train ride was a complete waste of money. Waited in line for an hour for nothing. No decorations or anything. Treats downsized but prices went up. We look forward to this every year, coming from PA for my son's birthday. Probably won't be back next year

kim miedema

Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017

Beautiful property. Small number of unusual animals. But not a large variety of animals. Nice walk.

Tamara Hutcherson

Thursday, Sep. 28, 2017

Okay, I wasn't expecting Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium quality when I went here. Honestly, I probably could do a better job by capturing wild animals & putting fences up in my backyard. Don't get me wrong the indoor zoo & train are pretty cool. Once you step outside, that's another story. I was not provided with a map of the zoo & there are few signs that let you know where you are. I felt like I was just wandering around not knowing what I might bump into. I left feeling as though I missed something & I was correct. I didn't see the zebras, etc... I didn't see any water for most of the animals and it was almost 90 degrees. Poor Amelia, the eagle with the broken wing, broke my heart. She seemed so depressed. The only part of the zoo I liked was the barn. The cow & donkeys were pretty cool and interacted with me. All of the other animals wanted to get the heck out of there & pretty much ignored me. It felt like an abandoned zoo (outdoors). I didn't see any zookeepers, staff, etc... outside. The concession stands were closed. As mentioned, it was 90 degrees, it would've been nice to purchase a bottle of water. The animal to space ratio is off. Maybe cut the zoo in half (for the amount of animals there) & put in a merry go round, etc... for the kids. I give this zoo 2.5 stars because the indoor portion was small but worth going there for. I cannot give .5 stars so I am making it a 2. The outdoor zoo gets 0 stars. Does anyone even work outdoors? Even the greenery is unkept. Plant some flowers, cut the grass, pull the weeds, etc.... The hillside of the housing projects I grew up in are better kept than the outdoor zoo.