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Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants, Inc.

45 Abbotts Run Road


HCPD works closely with other genealogy and historical societies throughout the state and especially those in places to or from which great numbers of our pioneering families migrated. The organization is an integral part of our community and works with all ages and ethnicities to carry forth our mission:
The mission of the Hacker’s Creek Pioneer Descendants, Inc. shall be to conserve, preserve, protect, display and make available the history, culture and artifacts of the Central West Virginia area to anyone interested in their own personal history (and their family history)or the area’s culture and history. Adults will be the primary implementers of the historic compilation and the preservation of the history, albeit, a special emphasis shall be placed on youth. Adults shall organize and maintain the Central West Virginia Genealogy and History Library and Museum and provide most of the educational programs for various groups, including, but not limited to, students of all ages (from pre-kindergarten through Elderhostel), Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, heritage societies and community service organizations. Implementation of these goals shall involve community outreach programs and coordination of programs with other organizations of similar purpose, both within and without the State.

Our Purpose:

John Hacker, the Pringles and other early settlers in the Central West Virginia region were memorialized when the Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants was organized in 1982. The society's original purpose was to preserve the history and genealogy of the Hacker's Creek watershed in Lewis and Upshur counties.
The members soon realized that the focus of their efforts extended far beyond these very limited boundaries; and, they expanded their area of interest to include all of Central West Virginia in particular and the entire state of West Virginia in general. The reasons for this expanded scope can best be understood by looking at the early history of the region and the formation of the various counties in the state.
Ninety-two persons from six states attended the first meeting of the HCPD at Broad Run Baptist Church in Lewis County in October 1982. Today the society has nearly a thousand members in nearly every state, Canada, Germany and Russia.

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