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The Barbour County Historical Museum

The Barbour County Historical Museum
200 North Main Street

About Us:

The Barbour County Historical Museum has a myriad of momentous and antique exhibits to keep you entertained throughout your visit. The prominent displays date back to 1635, through the civil war, to the early 1900's, to modern day.

A wide variety of guns, cannons, knives and weapons, the Myers switchboard, railroad artifacts, ceramics, newspapers, various manuscripts and publications, clothing and numerous flags are just some of the renowned exhibits that you will find at The Barbour County Historical Museum.

Be sure to include an exciting and educational visit to The Barbour County Historical Museum on your next stop through historic Philippi, West Virginia.


During the mid 1800's, Barbour County and Taylor County each contributed $60,000 for the railroad from Grafton to Philippi. Shares in $100 amounts were issued and a committee to sell them was appointed.

On July 1, 1882, B.F. Martin, President of J.W. Talbott, began grading the landscape for the location of the tracks. On January of 1884, the narrow guage track (3 ft.) was completed to Philippi. Thomas Bradford delivered an address to celebrate the date - January 31st. Later on in the year, the construction of the first passenger station was underway. By 1891 the terminal was completed and opened to the public. The first passenger train ran January 21, 1884.

In 1887 the narrow guage was extended from Philippi to Belington. In 1891 the B&O Railroad bought all the track and coal tender with fuel for locomotive, baggage coach and passenger car. Initially one trip daily was planned until a dining car and three passenger cars were added.

The present depot was constructed 1911-1912 and was abandoned in 1956 when the last passenger train passed. The Chessie System emerged in 1976 from the merger of the B&O and C&O Railroads. Later, the Western Maryland Railroad also was merged into the Chessie System. In 1979 more than $100,000 was raised by the Barbour County Historical Society to purchase and restore the station. On June 3, 1985, the present museum opened.

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