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Waves of Fun

1 Valley Park Drive


PoolCapacity 2,500, Opened June 1981, Cost 1.6 million

Pool  Dimensions

Length – 180 feet

Width – 82 

feet at deep end; 140 feet at shallow end

Depth – 6 inches at shallow end; 8 

feet at deep end

Surface Area – 17,550 square feet

Volume – 505,000 


Wave Size – 3 feet diminishing to surf

Other Features:-

Turf Area for Sunbathers – 60,000 square feet


Lounge Area – 7,300 square feet

Parking Areas – 300

Motors – Four 75 

horsepower electric motors for waves. 

  A completely automated hydraulic and 

electric system

Handicapped Accessible

Waves – 102minutes of waves 

followed by 

8 minutes of calm; can be stopped in 3 seconds


600 in the pool; 1,900 on deck


Jennifer Sette

Thursday, July 5, 2018
I decided to try the season passes this year after the renovations and the drop in pricing......what a great decision. The first few weeks I noticed things were tight to help control the mobs of people that were coming in.....personally I feel that is often needed because as a society we no longer respect and take care of things like we should and the staff is try to both protect everyone and keep the grounds clean. They have done a great job - I thoroughly enjoyed the day there yesterday even though it was crazy busy. The park area is clean, the pool is clean, and the life guards are super observant. Good work to all who put in time to renovate and reorganize!

Michael McDonald

Saturday, June 9, 2018
We were big fans and went regularly before the revamp. I like the changes. Staff are better organized and trained. Building and pool floor are outstanding. I don't like being forced to buy the overpriced food though. Because of the crowds today, it took a long time to get service. We wish you'd rethink outside foods being allowed. We waited 34mins to get service and kids age 5-9 can't wait that long.

Sherry Lucarelli

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
New pool area, concession & park is awesome. The downside is the seating situation. Not nearly enough chairs. Before going I was told I could not bring my own chairs or umbrellas. Too bad it would have been much more enjoyable.

Tony Rigsby

Monday, May 28, 2018
This place is not like it was years ago. They have so many rules and regulations you feel like your treated like a child. They made all the people that was coming in when they were first opening up go outside from the cool lobby to stand out in the sun forever because it takes forever to get in because they treat it like the White House when you come in with checking you and your bags. Then when you get in the pool is super dirty. There was leaves, sticks and dirt every where. You are not allowed to bring any food or drinks in, not even water for your child. They tell you that you can’t set in the floats in the grass even though you have to pay to use them which doesn’t hurt anything. The manager or whoever he is in the blue polo shirt thinks he’s on top of the world and better then everyone and treats you like dirt and is very rude. Oh and you better make sure any float, floaties or life vest for your child is “coast guard approved” or they will tell you your child basically can’t swim or play in the pool. I won’t be coming back here because it’s nothing like the old wave pool before they re done everything. Don’t come here if you want to relax and have a good time because they will constantly hound you about something.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018
I never leave reviews but I thought this was mandatory. The wave pool used to be enjoyable to come to years ago. However, after the renovations, it has went down hill. We went to the wave pool 2 weeks ago hoping it would be better than before even though we loved it before. We got in and they checked everyone’s bags like you were entering the White House for a tour. You can’t even bring a bottle of water in for kids to drink or their animal crackers they enjoy. Food is EXTREMELY over priced. Considering we weren’t allowed to have food, we had to wait in line at the concession stand for 2 hours which I was not happy about. There’s no warning bell for the waves which caused me to nearly drown and I didn’t get any help from the lifeguards. It started pouring on top of all that and I was already changed into dry clothes considering we had a dinner to go to after that, we were jogging to the vehicle so we wouldn’t get soaked and we got screamed at by one of the lifeguards to walk. If she would’ve been more respectful about it, I wouldn’t have said anything. Another lifeguard gave me a dirty look when I told her she needed to calm down and be a little more polite. People are so disrespectful here. If this place was actually better and let you bring your own water and snacks in for kids then I’d consider going every week as I did before the renovations. Not now. I’ll travel an extra hour to go to a different water park. Don’t waste your time nor money.

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